Belinda Queen, both a biological and foster parent of over 10 kids, avidly fights for the rights of children! Two of Belinda’s children are currently students in the Prince Georges County Public School System.

    While ensuring the needs of her own kids are being met, Belinda is known to stand up for other schoolchildren when their parents are unable to attend school meetings or parent-teacher conferences. Often times, Belinda has opened her own home to provide a meal for hungry kids or help out with other necessities. Advocating for the needs and rights of children is second nature for Belinda Queen. "I love children. The way I have lived my life (and continue to live my life) has everything to do with my love for children. I want them to grow up and see all that they can accomplish, by being a servant and doing good for others too."

  • political leader

    In 2014, she was elected by the citizens of Prince George’s County 25th Legislative District to be a member of the Democratic Central Committee. As an elected official, she has taken on a number of leadership roles. Widely known for her outspoken nature, Belinda stands up for what is right, not necessarily what is more popular. On the Democratic Central Committee, she has been heavily involved with the Community Outreach committee where she is responsible for connecting with various groups, civic associations, and organizations to get them connected and to keep them informed. As a political leader, Belinda stays in the forefront, not only talking about the issues, but also providing viable solutions for tough community issues. "Our schools are facing some big issues. These issues are going to have long-lasting impacts on our children. It will become harder and harder for them to get good-paying jobs. This, in turn, will have an impact on the economical development and quality of life for residents of Prince George's County. Still, I am convinced, we can make a change. We do that by, putting our Kids First, for a change and by..'eating an elephant one bite at a time!"

  • Community Activist

    Empowering citizens and encouraging them to get involved and let their voices be heard is the type of work that she enjoys doing. As a community activist, you can find her at almost every civic association, community circle, and at other important community meetings speaking up for what is right and what is inclusive. Among many other awards and recognitions, one that is particularly noteworthy, here, is her 30-year 4-H Volunteer Service recognition as the organization's commitment to the improvement and development of young children is outstanding. "I get involved because I want to show others that there is a cause and effect impact. The more we get involve, the better outcomes we will have."

  • Neighbor

    As a life-long resident of Prince George’s County and a product of the Prince George’s County Public School System, Belinda is invested in the success of the Prince George’s County School System. She has a host of friends, family and loved ones that all reside right here in Prince George’s County. Known by many as "momma", Belinda is proud to have an open-door policy and welcomes many to her home. Belinda understands that the key to a functioning school system is the support of the family. "Family is so important, that's why I am a strong believer that we must provide support for our families, so they can help us, help our students attain success."